QLL and its affiliates are running multiple studies (updated frequently) and would love to have your participation!

We also create customized studies for companies, in addition to conducting internal research on creativity, productivity, teamwork, mentoring, and flow in the workplace.

Personality and Life Accomplishments

This QLL study is a 7-10 minute survey about people’s personalities and the things they have accomplished.

Enhancing Creativity in Business Teams

We are partnering with Kiln Ideas Ltd. on a series of studies about how to make teams more creative, and are looking for companies anywhere in the world who can provide at least 32 people to participate. Discounted consulting services are available for participants. Study Specs

Hypnosis and Learning

Collaborator John Mohl is looking for participants 18 and over to join a study on how hypnosis may be used to enhance learning. Currently, we are looking for participants only in the vicinity of New York City and Bucks County, PA. This study may expand to other locations (Philadelphia, Boston) at a future time. Study Specs

Team Flow

We are currently looking for companies interested in developing higher team performance. As part of a collaboration with Jef van den Hout, QLL is offering discounted corporate training and consulting services to companies who would like to participate in a study assessing flow in teams.