A longtime writer and dynamic speaker, Dr. Davis has been invited to talk about topics like teamwork, building a positive organization, creativity, and productivity.

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Other Talks and Podcasts:

  • Positive Psychology: Flow, Creativity, and Self-ActualizationHSS Meet the Experts, 2023
  • Putting your best self forward in the job market and your career – Wizly, 2022
  • Serious Introductions – Fordham University, 2021
  • The Creative and Autotelic Personalities – CUNY, Baruch College, 2019
  • The Story of Your Business: Creating and Clarifying Business Ideas – Travelpreneur Tribe
  • How to Create a Work Culture that Drives Growth and Sales – The Art of Appointment Setting Podcast (Top 20 podcast)
  • Practical Tips from the Science of Happiness – Public Companies M&A Experts’ Discussion Group (China; director: Bin HAN)
  • Making Numbers Lie: Pitfalls of Survey Data — World Bank
  • Get the Funk Out — KUCI
  • Getting in Your Zone: Flow and Creativity in the Workplace — Knotel
  • The Hidden Dynamics of Flow and Performance — Superhuman Entrepreneur
  • Help, I can’t meditate! But I wish I could… — Spark Weekend DC
  • Encouraging Critical Thinking on College Campuses: Making Thinking Critical — Judson College
  • How to Realize Your Potential — Academi of Life
  • How to Find a Job You Love — Academi of Life
  • Building Synergy and High Performance Through Team Flow (X-Plane’s Sketch Summary) — Association of Change
  • Management Professionals
  • Creativity in Daily Life and the Creative Personality — Drexel University
  • Creating Momentum for Innovation — KILN
  • What It Takes to Start Innovating — Positive Psychology Work Group
  • Building Team Flow — University of Pennsylvania
  • Microflow at Work — Positive Psychology Work Group
  • What Is Microflow and How Do We Use It? — Positive Psychology Work Group
  • Extending Flow and Group Flow to Business Teams — Technical University of Eindhoven (given with Jef van den Hout)
  • The Flow Experience of Business Teams — Universiteit Utrecht (given with Jef van den Hout)