Consulting and Workshops

We make your workplace a great place to work

The science team at QLL does research on what enables businesses to maximize their creativity, productivity, and effectiveness, and then we apply it at your company. Your people, ideas, and processes are what make your company excel, and QLL Consulting will propel them toward their maximum potential.

Our hallmark is creating bespoke workshops and customized solutions that fit your company.

Building Sustainable Diversity/Equity/Inclusion

We work with you to develop a culture that doesn’t just embrace diversity in the short-term, but sustains diversity in the long-term through equity and inclusion.

We analyze your recruitment strategies and succession planning, and show you how to take them to the next level with targeted recruiting, mentoring programs, workshops, and talent development initiatives that will build and retain a diverse workforce.

Bring Creativity to Your Workplace

It’s not enough to hire creative people. You need a culture and environment that fosters creative thinking. Our team of creativity researchers will show your company how to build a creative company.

We will help you build company-wide innovation endeavors, talent development plans, hiring strategies, and management techniques that will keep employees producing hot, high-quality work.

Get Things Done

In the high-stress, fast-paced business world, we constantly feel like we don’t have enough time to get things done. There is pressure in every corner, demands piling up, and a job can feel more like putting out fires than meaningful work.

We show you how to transform that into a powerful culture of achievement and engagement.

From team meetings, to “getting in the zone”, to administrative tasks, to workflow, and even to breaks, we are experts in making every moment count. Our team partners with a global team of productivity experts to help your employees make the most of their time.

From Ad-hoc to Ad-roit

With the increasing complexity of work tasks in the Knowledge Era, companies rely more and more on teams. But, teamwork isn’t easy, especially when a company has to throw together a bunch of people who have barely met before.

We partnered with Dutch consulting firm Flow Concepts to create the Team Flow Monitor™, which we use to turn your ad-hoc team into an adroit team capable of tackling your company’s toughest challenges.

See Dr. Davis’s Lecture: Building High Performance Teams Out of Perfect Strangers

Keep Your Talent [Happy]

Employee engagement is more than just a buzzword. It’s about whether your employees can do and be their best on the job, whether they will go the distance, and whether they can improve the company as they grow personally and professionally.

We help your employees find their passions and talents, and then work with management to make sure that employees can do what they love and love what they do. We will show you how to implement simple and cost-effective ways for you to keep your talent and keep it happy.

Build Your Dream Team

It’s hard to find the right people. You need driven, high-performing people on your team with top-flight skills and keen business acumen, and we will show you how to get them in the door. We will help you ditch the generic wasteland of automated hiring and help you focus on what matters most: people.

Once you get your dream team on board, we will also help you create growth plans for employees so that you can keep and develop your best talent.